About Sofia Valle Ventures

Sofia Valle Ventures is a Leader in the Mental Health, Mental Health Technology, education of Mental Health Arena. Since 2008, Jes Sofia Valle has been helping integrate Mental Health Awareness through her and other companies.

Sofia Valle Ventures is A company that loves to educate about Mental Illness, Mental Health, and Community & Health Disparities. Empowers people and their companies and teaches how to Be mindful and inclusive. How to include mental health, advocate, and empower and help people with their own businesses. A company that shows Compassion in delivery of Advocacy through social media and media, research, from grassroots to Fortune 500 companies.

We create Storylines and Campaigns, adding Mental Health Awareness/Lens to your Social Media Strategy. We help develop programs including Mental Health to Start-ups. We review Products with a Mental Health Lens. And we evaluate Application Programs thorough revision with the Mental Health Lens. We Thrive. We educate through #MHTalks.

Sofia Valle Ventures supports others by donating a share of profits from Sofia Valle Jewelry and Sofia Valle to help others.

Motto: Educate. Empower. Have Compassion and Thrive.


Developing Students for a Healthy Digital Community Program (DSHDC)
(DSHC) is an apprentice program at Sofia Valle Ventures (SVV) to help Students learn Healthy Implementation of Social Media. The goal of the program is to procure opportunities in all fields of study for our SVV interns. In addition, we aim to enhance the participant’s professional opportunities while they provide direct services to communities.

Duties include but are not limited to the following:
• Using Social Media to Enhance Brands and their personal brand,
• Communities through blogging, microblogging,
• Applications,
• Visual communication,
• And storytelling.
Apprentice Learning Outcomes:
• Professional Development
• Strategic communication: Public relations, Business communication, Health/Technology communication, Marketing
• Civic engagement: Help with community campaigns, through community outreach and learning to mentor other students forward model)